U-HAUL Truck Rentals

Premier Auto & Self Storage has teamed up with U-Haul Truck Rentals to make moving and storing your property a little easier.  Trucks and Trailers are available in a variety of sizes for loads large and small.

Availability varies daily.  Please call 314-385-4567 for One-Way rates or reservations. For your convenience you can also schedule a reservation on Uhaul.com.  Cash or credit card deposit of $100.00 may be required.  Premier Auto & Self Storage is an authorized U-Haul Dealer and is independently owned and operated.

U-HAUL Trailer Rentals

Trailers are not part of our regular inventory.  As a U-Haul dealer we are authorized to carry some enclosed trailers.  In most cases we do not carry open trailers. At this dealership you are responsible for the Trailer Hook-up and Disconnect.

We will gladly assist you in safety checking your equipment after you have hooked it up.   If you are unable to hook-up or disconnect your equipment we can refer you to a nearby U-Haul location with staff available to help you.